OISE Boston English training center

About OISE


OISE aims to make a significant contribution to its students’ future success in life through inspirational language teaching that challenges the learner and is focused on results.

By specializing in rigorous English language coaching, we drive ambitious learners to achieve.

What is an OISE Education?

At OISE Boston Intensive English school, students are not members of a class. They are individual executives with clear and ambitious goals, requiring a flexible and specialized education. OISE groups never exceed 4 students, and students can start on any week of the year, for courses of 1 to 52 weeks, according to their needs.

OISE believes that language learning is based on a strong relationship between the learner and the teacher. This is how a native language is learned in a family environment. Therefore, personalized instruction is the heart of the school’s approach.

Each course is designed to meet the student’s unique needs, using activities that keep them engaged and focused. This is achieved through a language test taken before the course and regular monitoring of progress by tutors during the course. Since the tutors are specialists in the student’s area of interest, they know what skills students need to meet the demands of their bilingual lives.


OISE (Oxford Intensive School of English) was founded by Till Gins, the owner of the company, in 1973 in Oxford, England. Inspired by the renowned teaching methods of the University of Oxford, the school’s one-on-one Tutorial system was unique among language schools in the area.

After successful expansion in the UK and Europe, OISE opened its Boston campus in 1999, as a school of American English. With more than 40 years of experience, the school remains a leader in language education on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, known for its individualized and ambitious approach.

A transformational experience

At OISE, learning English is never isolated from its purpose: international communication. There is a difference between mastering English and mastering international communication. The first is important, but it is not a direct route to the second.

For this reason, an OISE education focuses on forming each student’s bilingual identity. This requires more than grammar and vocabulary study - students must learn to use English for their own purposes. In addition to language lessons, projects and optional workshops in critical thinking and assertiveness further develop students’ abilities to express themselves in an international context.

Outside the classroom, students also practice using their English in their everyday life in Boston. A homestay in an American house is the ultimate immersive experience. This education transforms students into autonomous learners and assertive, bilingual leaders who share their ideas with the world.

Deep practice for driven students, focused on results

OISE creates a safe environment where students can push their communication abilities to the limit. Tutors guide students through the most direct route to their objectives. They consistently challenge students to use their knowledge in new ways and express complex ideas. As a result, students make significant progress in a short time.

The process demands great effort from the student. After this rigorous experience, OISE alumni work and study in English with confidence. They master both smaller tasks such as organizing and delegating and assertive acts such as negotiating and public speaking. They are confident, articulate, and sophisticated.