Business English

For Professionals

Deep Coaching for Big Goals

Professionals study at OISE because they understand a simple fact: without a confident command of English, their careers are limited. They want to speak in meetings but do not know the right words. They waste too much time writing short work emails in English. They dream of working abroad. And if they own a business and want to take it international, they need the English skills to tell the world who they are and what they do.

OISE transforms these ambitious learners into confident professionals who participate in their industries in English on a global level. Students learn not only English proficiency but also assertiveness, critical thinking, and international communication. With these skills, alumni move to the next stage of their careers ready to become leaders in their fields.

OISE students practice business English
Two students learn in an OISE Quatorial.

Personal Tutors

OISE tutors are like personal trainers. They hold students to the high standards that their careers demand and challenge them to communicate their ideas effectively, using the English they have. As a result, students discover their power to influence people on an international scale. Each participant is assigned a team of tutors who each specialize in a different aspect of the curriculum. The learner is exposed to a variety of pedagogic approaches as well as different personalities, voices, intonation, and accents: a situation that reflects the diversity of expression in the wider world.  

Be Professional.

Become familiar with the general language of business, and the vocabularly, terminology and language usage of any particular industry.

Be Read.

Improve professional writing skills and present opinions and solutions clearly and effectively. Develop the ability to analyze, categorize and process informtion in Engish while appying critical thinking skills. 

A book sale in Boston near OISE.

Be Social.

Practice soft skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, persuasion, and teamwork in English.

Be Heard.

Present opinions and solutions clearly and effectively in conversation and in presentations. Overcome any inhibitions and group communication anxieties. 

To begin planning a course, choose from two types of lessons, or learn more about life at OISE.

Tutorial lesson at OISE Boston.


One-on-one lessons with or without group lessons, offering extremely intensive and personalized learning.

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Quatorial lesson at OISE Boston.


Lessons and workshops in groups of up to 4 students maximum, offering many opportunities for practicing international communication.

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OISE student takes notes.

Student Life

Information about accommodation, visas, Boston, OISE facilities, and more.

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Peaceful area of Boston.

Boston: A Center of American Business

Boston provides a perfect blend for professionals studying English: as well as being the capital of education in the US, it is also a thriving center of business and entrepreneurship. Home to every kind of organization from tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, the city offers students limitless opportunities to learn about American business and current events.

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