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Why Choose a Quatorial™?

This format allows for focused study, close attention from the tutor, international communication practice with classmates from around the world—all in one intensive English course. Students learn through simulated meetings, role-plays, discussions, and other communicative activities with specific language goals. Since they share similar goals and English levels, students support each other as they tackle these challenges.

A Quatorial is a lesson in a small group of 2-4 students and one tutor.

Students sit around a table for a Quatorial.

The American English Modular Program

The American English Modular Program consists of 16 to 26 hours of Quatorial instruction (a group of 4 students). To make up a weekly study plan, participants can choose from 4 module options, which take place throughout the day.

In addition to the modules, students can add one-on-one Tutorials to their weekly Quatorial program. This time might be used for test preparation or lessons tailored to the student's profession.

Students sit at their computers for project work.
module : (4 in a class)

Comprehension and Expression

These lessons focus on developing students' understanding and use of written and spoken English. Students respond to authentic materials in a variety of contexts fluently with social and cultural awareness and appropriate language. 8hrs per week.

A tutor at OISE Boston.
Module 2: (4 in a class)


These lessons teach language form and rules to achieve an accurate use of grammar, idioms, and vocabulary. It is complemented with work on a wide range of materials (reports, articles, studies) to sharpen the learner's understanding of written documents. 8 hrs per week. 



Module 3: (4 in a class)

Critical Analysis 

Students practice working with complex information in English, a valuable skill for all professions and studies. This module develops the participant's ability to analyze, categorize and process information in English. Students apply critical thinking skills through the lens of current affairs by evaluating texts and then producing cogent, well-structured responses. This prepares them to solve complex problems and explain their opinions in English.

Students listen to a classmate's presentation.


In addition to the modules, students can add one-on-one Tutorials to their weekly Quatorial program.

This time might be used for specialization in a comprehensive range of specific professional areas, including medicine, business, aviation, media, marketing, art and many more. These lessons are taught by a tutor with expertise in the student's particular field.

This time may also be used for examination preparation. Students wishing to take an official exam are exposed to exam requirements with active practice on past papers under timed condition. Our tutors have expensive experience in preparing students for a wide range of exams, including IELTS, BULATS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and many others.

  1. Accountancy
  2. Aviation
  3. Banking
  4. Business
  5. Commerce
  6. Healthcare
  1. Engineering
  2. Finance
  3. Law
  4. Marketing
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Tourism
Module 4: (4 in a class)

Spoken Assertiveness 

Students develop their speaking skills and confidence in a realistic environment, similar to a business meeting. They practice pronunciation, intonation, and performance. The goal is to overcome any inhibitions and group communication anxieties in order to speak with the authoritative voice needed for business leaders.

Student-led Activities:

Pre-Module Sessions and Self-Study Project Assignments:

All students are encouraged to participate in all learning opportunities provided outside of classroom hours. Each morning there is a group discussion of current events, followed by a formal presentation. For the self-study project assignments, students work autonomously or in a group of 4 on engaging tasks. Using vocabulary, idioms, and other colloquialisms the students produce a final end of week performance related to everyday situations. For example, they might propose a new business for an empty shop in downtown Boston or explain their academic research. 

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A student and a tutor in a Tutorial.


One-on-one lessons with or without group workshops, offering extremely intensive and personalized learning.

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Student Life

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Exam Preparation

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