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Why Choose a Quatorial™?

This format allows for focused study, close attention from the tutor, international communication practice with classmates from around the world—all in one intensive English course. Students learn through simulated meetings, role-plays, discussions, and other communicative activities with specific language goals. Since they share similar goals and English levels, students support each other as they tackle these challenges.

A Quatorial is a lesson in a small group of 2-4 students and one tutor.

Students sit around a table for a Quatorial.

A Mix of Lessons and Workshops

In the morning, students attend two different lessons: “Accuracy and Vocabulary” and “Comprehension and Expression.” In the afternoons, they expand their skills with workshops and project work.

Students can also add up to 15 one-on-one Tutorials to their weekly Quatorial program. This time might be used for test preparation or lessons tailored to the student's profession.

Students sit at their computers for project work.

Accuracy and Vocabulary

These lessons teach language form and rules. Through use of all language skills, grammar is taught indirectly, using the latest methods and technology.

A tutor at OISE Boston.

Comprehension and Expression

These lessons focus on developing students' understanding and use of written and spoken English. Students read and listen to authentic materials and learn to respond to them with social and cultural awareness and appropriate language. With this practice, they become able to express themselves fluently in a variety of contexts.

Up to 4 students

Critical Analysis Workshop

Students practice working with complex information in English, a valuable skill for all professions and studies. They think critically about current events by evaluating texts and sharing organized responses. This prepares them to solve complex problems and explain their opinions in English.

Students listen to a classmate's presentation.


Students can work with tutors who are experts in a wide range of professional areas, including:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Aviation
  3. Banking
  4. Business
  5. Commerce
  6. Healthcare
  1. Engineering
  2. Finance
  3. Law
  4. Marketing
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Tourism
Up to 8 students

Spoken Assertiveness Workshop

Students develop their speaking skills and confidence in a realistic environment, similar to a business meeting. They practice pronunciation, intonation, and performance. The goal is to speak with the authoritative voice needed for business leaders.

Up to 4 students

Project Workshop

Students work in groups on a presentation, developing team-building skills as well as language skills. In their presentations, they are challenged to use specific new vocabulary and phrases. For example, they might propose a new business for an empty shop in downtown Boston or explain their academic research. The students would prepare a present their business plan using the new vocabulary list. The presentation is developed throughout the week and shared with the whole school on Friday.

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A student and a tutor in a Tutorial.


One-on-one lessons with or without group workshops, offering extremely intensive and personalized learning.

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Student Life

Information about accommodation, visas, Boston, OISE facilities, and more.

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A student takes notes at OISE Boston.

Exam Preparation

Boost scores and confidence with OISE's intensive methods.

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